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Mortgage Protection Insurance

Mortgage Protection Insurance For Your Home

At Boxer Insurance Services, we know that buying your home is a major financial commitment, and you will certainly need protection from unexpected financial or health related events. But what will happen to your property if you suddenly die or become too disabled to work? Mortgage Protection insurance is essential to the financial security of your family since it covers the balance of your home loan. Mortgage Protection life insurance is, essentially, a policy that can be used to pay off  mortgage debt that the deceased still owed to the lender.

Mortgage Protection insurance can be set up so you don’t have to die to collect.  Be Prepared for  an unexpected event by calling us today and using our professional mortgage protection services for you and your family.  Since the Pandemic hit the USA, insurance underwriting has become more challenging. Ask Boxer Insurance about the approval process for insurance to protect your Mortgage and loved ones.

Get The Type of Life Insurance You Don’t Have To Die To Collect! Ask About The Great Living Benefits!

Flexible And Affordable Coverage For Everyone! Call Us Now And Get Your Mortgage Protection Plan!

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